About me

30 years ago I read an article talking about a solitary trip with a Vespa From Milano to Tokyo for the Olympic Games 1964.

In 1980 I travelled from Milano to Paris with my Vespa Primavera 125cc and I sudden understood that travelling with a motorcycle is the best way to observe the world.

In the following years I made several trip, but I never switched from tourist to traveller.

I kept on thinking to that article even if there was a voice inside myself telling “It’s not possible”

Some years ago, browsing in a book store, I saw a book with a Vespa covered by stickers and full of luggage. From that moment I read all Bettinelli’s books and I understood that everything is possible.

The recent economical situation helped me leaving a legacy: some money and plenty of time.

I want to face this experience without any constraints and leaving things happen.

“A man worthy of respect has no homeland. An homeland is a glue” (Emil Cioran)

Photo: Cioran’s body near hisĀ  birthplace – Rasinari (Romania)