bye bye babe

Written by Bruno, Posted in Motorcycle Shipping on 13 maggio 2010 – 22:53
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And now, after 4 months of hard work, my motorcycle is finally in a crate ready to go!

After months when every carrier kept on telling me to try some way to ship the bike, making needless documents and had no idea what to do, one of these is able to find a solution and give me all the indications to ship the bike to NY.

BMW nel box

So the hardest part of my trip is over! Now I have to go to JFK airport and clear the custom. I hope that I will find my bike in good mood and I should take it and drive it in US the 28th of may.

I unplugged the battery, empty the tank and told her “good bye” with respect because she must not betray me in the next months. She has to bring me with no discussions, sha has to sleep nothing and to eat a few. She must become my Ronzinante ready for every challenge!

Bye bye babe, see you soon!

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